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Ready for Winter...

As December begins we find ourselves still very busy out on the golf course. We have just completed our winter preparation plan for our greens. After dealing with the harsh winter of 2014, we have modified a few elements of the plan from previous winters. The following is the plan in chronological order (as completed):

-Height of cut raised following Men's Club Championship weekend. This process reduces the stress that we place on the turf following a long summer. More leaf blade allows for more sunlight and more fertilizer to enter the plant. Another added benefit to longer turf is the ability to build our sand layer within the canopy of the turf, further insulating the crown (growing point) of the turf.
-As previously noted, Topdressing, we continued our Bi-weekly topdressing program from September to the installation of our covers. Insulation of the crown helps to protect the plant during cold and harsh winter weather.
-Increase in fall fertilization. This fal…