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It has been a while...

It has been a while since my last post.....we have been busy trying to keep up with the extremely warm September weather. Areas all over Ontario have experienced record breaking temperatures in the past 2 weeks. The golf course has faired well, with the exception of some very dry areas in the fairways. These areas have been dry most of the season, they truly need a good couple days of rain to perk them back up (looks like we are going to get it this week).

With the temperatures going back to seasonal, we will see the grass start to slow down and start to preserve itself for the long winter ahead. We have now started to help it along with some cultural practices and fertility.

Last week we verticut greens to help reduce the amount of tillering in the canopy of the greens. This will open up some room for the topdressing that we will be putting down this coming week. We will be trying a new procedure this time with our greens topdressing. We are going to verticut the sand into the green be…

Seasonal staff done for the season

Every season Labour day marks the end of the work year for a number of our team members. Our department utilizes a number of university and high school students during the heart of the golf season. Once these integral members of our staff are gone for the season, we begin to reduce our mowing frequency, limit bunker raking to a couple of times a week and start to look at round numbers before moving pins and tee markers, etc. This allows us to continue small projects and keep up with the leaf control (once they begin to fall). Your patience and understanding is appreciated during these busy times. Our department does their best to stay ahead of golf at all times, but with limited sunlight in the morning and early tee times this is often unavoidable as well.