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Cultural Practices for the week of July 27th

Due to a very busy golf schedule and inclement weather, we have not been able to perform some very necessary cultural practices recently. The following is the schedule for this upcoming week:
Tuesday a.m.: Venting of all greens with needle tines, followed by a roll.
Thursday a.m.: Light topdressing of all greens, followed by a cocoa matt.
Both of these practices are integral to a successful summer on our greens. Disruption to play will be minimal.

Schedule adjustment..

Due to the forecast for rain on Tuesday (during the day), we will be waiting until Tuesday evening to vent our greens. By postponing this practice we will gain the benefits of a post rain event, therefore allowing the greens to breath.

Cultural Practices upon us...

Hopefully we are through the rain..6+ inches in the last 7 days has made the golf course soft and lush...mowing has now resumed and we should be back to normal soon!
With heavy, continuous rain comes compacted soils and root zones. To alleviate this compaction over the next week we will be performing some venting on our greens and collars along with some coring of our tees. Topdressing will also be applied to greens, tees and approaches in the next week.

Cultural Schedule:

Thursday, July 2nd- Topdressing of Greens and Approaches  & Venting of Collars
Friday, July 3rd- Topdressing of Tees
Monday, July 6th- Venting of greens with needle tines, followed by rolling
Wednesday, July 8th- Coring of Tees, followed by topdressing

Here is a link to a post about Greens Venting:

As always our team attempts to avoid disrupting play as much as possible, our membership's patience is always appreciated.