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Spring Fever!!!!

Currently we are experiencing very high temperatures across Ontario, record breaking (in some areas) in fact. This week we were able to remove the covers from our greens and we are happy to report that our greens wintered well. This season we were able to remove the covers almost 3 weeks prior to last year...does this mean that the turf is 3 weeks ahead??? Not necessarily. The turf grass on the greens is healthy and alive, but far from playable. Turf grass needs to be actively growing to handle the traffic from mowing, rolling and foot traffic. Opening our greens too early can set us back for the beginning portion of the season.
Here at HCC we typically open on the Monday following the Masters weekend...however with the record setting warm temperatures there has been a lot of "conversation" about opening early. While people are correct in saying that we are a little ahead of last year, there is still a program, plan and process to opening the golf course. This program is done…

Tree work behind #8 Green

This week we were able to get back at some tree work on the golf course. Years ago there was a trend in golf that is referred to as backstopping. This is were blockades of trees were planted behind green sites to frame or define the site. There is a couple of issues with this practice, first and foremost these "screens" block air movement and sunlight from reaching playing surfaces. Secondly, they detract from the natural beauty of both the architecture and property. Typically coniferous trees were used for this task as they grow and fill in quickly. Behind our 8th green we have removed a screened planting of leaning, deteriorating cedars to open up the area. In the first picture you can see the cedars prior to removal, in the second you can see the more natural and open look and feel of the green site. Between the 8th green and the 12th tee we have now exposed three Maples that were hidden from view by the cedars. Once we are able to work the ground on the golf course we wi…