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Bunker construction on # 17

The past few days we have been able to make great strides on the bunker project on #17. All three of the new bunkers have been shaped and drained. Tuesday morning Ian Andrew our consulting golf course architect, will be painting the final contours in the bunkers. We will then install the bunker boards and back fill with topsoil to the new edges. Once the edges are established we will add the new sand and await sod. The rain and snow that we recieved over the last couple of days has had little effect on the rough shaping process. We are hoping for some drier days to complete the fine tuning and sod prepping.

Finish Grading on #2 & #12 Tees

With the great weather that we have had the last two days, we were able to get the tees shaped and all of the tee mix out to the tees. In this picture here, Derek Vergeer (our contractor) is finish grading #2 Tee to be ready for sod. Unfortunately the forecast is for rain the next couple of days and could hold us up for a bit. We are doing out best to complete these projects in a timely manner, of course with this blog we will keep you updated.

Renovation in progress....

This week we began the scheduled renovation of #12 Tee and #2 Tee. On #2 we are extending the Gold/Black Tee forward to accommodate more use and aid in divot recovery. On #12 we are raising and enlarging the Silver/Blue teeing area. The renovation on #12 co insides with the new cart path through the forest on the right hand side. Rough shaping will be completed on Monday (weather permitting). Following the shaping, a sand based growing medium will be added to the surface. Once the grade is set we will re-connect the irrigation in these areas and wait for the sod farms to open (early April). Once the tees are sodded, we will nurture them to encourage rooting and growth. With some good spring weather we should be back playing on those tees in a short time.

The covers are off!

On Monday we removed the covers from our greens here at HCC. We are very happy with the condition of the greens. Luckily, our timing was just about perfect, the greens did not grow under the covers and they should acclimate themselves to our spring like weather trends very nicely. There is alot going on around the golf course these days, so please continue to check in on the blog to keep up to date.

Cart path Renovation @ # 12

It seems that spring is slowly arriving. We have made great headway with the cart path renovation at # 12. The path is being re-routed through the woods along with the installation of a culvert/bridge over the existing waterway. The goal of this project is to take the cart path completely out of play and add to the aesthetic value of this great par 3.