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Tuesday Topdresssing...

Just as a reminder...we will be topdressing greens early Tuesday morning...a light application of sand will be put down on greens followed by a brushing in, once the sand dries. We will also be Vertidraining approaches followed by a topdressing as well. We will do our best as to make little impact on play throughout the day.

Fairway Extension on #14

In an effort to add to the consistency of the golf course we will be extending the 14th fairway towards the tee. The average distance on a par 5 (here at HCC) from the forward tee to the front edge is 60 yards. The 14th currently is about 80 yards, once extended it will match the others at 60 yards. We will be slowly lowering the height of cut in this area starting today. The area will look thin and weak for the remainder of the season. Once down to fairway height we will be over seeding the section with creeping bentgrass and fine fescues.

A Long Summer...

The season of 2012...Irrigation management was at the top of our priority for most of the summer season, which this year was from April to September. When managing a clay based golf course irrigation management can be tricky. When clay goes is very hard to re wet. When clay gets can take some time to dry out. Our goal has always been to find the balance in moisture management. Now throw in playability vs aesthetics as well as disease occurrence vs stressed turf, you are walking a fine line. This is why I have been heard repeatedly saying that it is not as easy as applying more water at night. There are far more variables other than the colour of the turf grass. During this past summer our area experienced record breaking temperatures coupled with extended drought periods. Currently our area is experiencing the seventh month in a row of lower than normal precipitation.
Commonly off colour turf grass is thought to be dead or in "bad shape". The term "d…

Physical Analysis of #18 Green

Yesterday we received the physical analysis report of our 18th green...This is a soil test that compares the soil from the top 3 inches of the green against the bottom 3-6 inches. We had this test done to investigate the reasons behind the thinning and poor rooting that we experienced throughout the 2012 season. In layman's terms, the report has shown that in the top 3 inches of the soil profile we have accumulated a decent amount of sand through regular topdressing. The negative results are noticed in the bottom 3-6 inches of the profile, there is virtually no sand...thus creating a poor draining and compacted layer. These conditions make it very hard for turf grass to deeply root and thrive. When you are unable to produce a solid root mass, the turf grass will struggle, especially in a summer like we just experienced with record breaking heat and drought. We have been working away at deep tining our greens for the past three seasons. The profile will get better through repeated…

Cultural Practices in September...

With the fall season upon us our department will be performing a number of cultural practices on the golf course.
This week:
Monday: Topdressing greens followed by a brushing
Tuesday: Deep tine aerifying tees with topdressing
Wednesday: Deep tine aerifying approaches with topdressing

Later in the week we will be performing some deeptine aerifying on both the 18th green and the Upper Putting Green. Both of these greens have suffered some turf thinning throughout the season and this practice will aid in full recovery and relief of compaction.