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Anthracnose and the 18th Green

As many members have noticed our 18th Green looks weaker and thinner than any of the others. About a month ago we noticed some decline in the green and began to monitor the progress. Through numerous visits from colleagues and constant monitoring by management, it was determined that physical stress of a weaker variety of Poa Annua had caused the decline. The early, dry and hot spring put the weaker plants into an early onset of stress. Anthracnose is a turf disease that thrives on stressed turf grass. Even though we have been protected through Fungicide applications and fertility, Anthracnose set in on #18. We have sent samples into the Guelph Turf grass Institute to confirm our beliefs. Now that we are certain of the problem, we have began to bring the green back to life. Weekly venting and bi-weekly inter seeding with T1 bentgrass has already started to show promise of a full recovery. We will also be hitting this green in particular with a little bit more Nitrogen to aid in recov…