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Light topdressing and Needle Tine Venting...

Following the Killeen Invitational on Monday, we will be applying a light topdressing of sand to our greens. We will be out in the evening after the tournament has been completed. We will follow up with a coco matt to work the sand into the canopy.
On Tuesday morning we will be using needle tines to vent the greens which will then be rolled to ensure as little disruption as possible.
Both of these practices were scheduled for the week of July 15th, but were postponed due to the intense heat and humidity.
As always, we will put forth every effort to not disrupt play.

Golf Course Update...

It has been a busy month for our department so I would like to update our membership on a few topics of choice.
Golf Course Aeration dates rescheduled: We have decided to reschedule our course closure for aeration to September 24th & 25th. A number of factors were considered while making this decision. Our current aeration program of core aerating in May offers us the opportunity to both inter seed our greens with creeping bentgrass and remove a decent amount of organic matter. Previous to this year we only performed a single core aeration per year. This early season event allows us more flexibility with our second scheduled aeration. September is a much less stressful month for aeration. Both heat and drought stress are minimal in the early fall allowing for a speedy recovery.
Drier Weather: We have experienced some drier more typical July weather and it shows. Green speeds and firmness that our member expect and enjoy are back to normal. I often tell people that we perform many of…

Scheduled Venting and Topdressing on Greens

This week we will be applying a light topdressing and following it up with a needle tine venting. We are going to split the process over two days to limit the disruption to golf.
Tuesday: Front 9 topdress, vent, coco matt and roll
Wednesday: Back 9 topdress, vent, coco matt and roll