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Aerification Recovery

As many members have noticed, the recovery from our August 2nd greens aerification is coming along nicely. The greens have recovered completely. We are now back on our growth regulation program and you will notice the greens begin to play as they were prior to the completion of the cultural practices. The weather has been just about perfect.....good for golf and great for growing grass. As you will see in the first picture aeration holes are no longer noticeable. In the second picture, you can faintly see the overseeded bentgrass growing in the holes.

A busy couple of days....

During our annual course closure we strive to complete as much as possible...through extensive planning and organization this was evident this year. With the golf course closed we are permitted to perform our procedures in an efficient and very effective manner. As you will see in the list of completed activities, our Grounds Dept. worked tirelessly to complete about 5 days of work in 2 long days.

Tasks completed on August 2nd/3rd:

All greens aerified with hollow tines (cored)
Cores shovelled off by hand
Greens top dressed
Greens over seeded with T1 bentgrass
Greens brushed
Greens fertilized with Potash fertilizer
Greens fertilized w/Soluble Ammonium Sulphate 12-0-12
Greens rolled
All Fairways and Approaches were Verticut using our Sissis Veemo Vertical Mower
Fairways and Approaches were blown clean
Fairways and Approaches mowed
Tees solid tined using 5/8 tines
Tees top dressed
Tees dragged using a steel matt
Practice tee top dressed and matted
All of the rough was mowed (completely)
All bunker banks …