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I think that the season of 2014 will be known as the "catch up" season. At this point in the season we are still a bit behind. Herbicide applications used to control Broadleaf weeds that are typically done in early June, are just being applied this week. Clover has really "blossomed" with all of this wet weather, but we will have good control shortly. We will be slicing/solid tining our fairways in the coming weeks as the weather and golf schedule allow. This will help to relieve any added compaction from  traffic (mowing and general wear and tear) on the fairways. Soils will typically compact in a shorter period of time when wet conditions persist.
As always our topdressing and venting programs will continue on greens as needed. We will be applying a light dusting of sand to our greens following the Senior Ryder Cup on Monday evening (July 14th). The sand will then be dragged in with our Cocoa Matt, knocking it down into the canopy.

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