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Aeration/Interseeding Recap

On Monday we completed our Spring Greens Aeration. The process went very well and we could not  have asked for better weather. The effort put forth by our Golf Course and Grounds Team was stellar, hats off to everyone that put in a number of extra hours to make it happen in the time allotted. All of our greens were core aerated, cleaned, top dressed, brushed, interseeded and matted using a coco matt (to knock the seed into the partially filled holes). As you will notice there are some aeration holes that are not filled completely to the top. During the brushing process the holes appear to be filled completely (this is known as bridging), once the greens are watered and rolled some of the sand drops to the bottom of the holes. Bridging is common when using a smaller diameter tine. To remedy this we will be topdressing again to fill any voids left from the process. We expect the greens to be recovered within 7 to 10 days (weather dependent). We have also applied some soluble fertilizer …