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Cultural Practices @ HCC

Earlier this week HCC had our annual course closure to allow the grounds team to perform a number of Cultural Practices on all playing surfaces. The closure allows us to complete these tasks in a timely and efficient manner that would not be feasible if play were to continue.
 I will briefly list the tasks completed so that our membership can appreciate the amount of work completed by our talented and dedicated staff.
All greens were aerified (cores pulled)
All cores removed by hand
All greens topdressed and brushed
All greens blown by hand to help work the sand into the holes
All greens interseeded with T1 Creeping Bentgrass
All greens fertilized with a Potassium based product
All greens rolled to smooth out and depressions from traffic
Lots of water added to ensure survival of the 30C temperatures
All tees were aerified (cores pulled)
All tees were dragged and matted to break off the organic matter from the cores
All tees were then blown clean and all debris was remove…

Trees Marked for Removal

As you play the golf course over the next week, you will notice a dozen or so trees marked with yellow marking tape. These are trees that we will be removing during the course closure scheduled for next Tues/Wed. All but one of the marked trees are Ash trees that have been affected by the Emerald Ash Borer. The majority of the trees are located to the left side of #15 green by the path. If you happen to see the trees that are marked, take a second to examine the entire tree, you will notice significant decline in the canopy with a large number of dead or dying branches. These trees are becoming unsafe and unsightly. Our goal is to have the trees removed, stumped and cleaned up in a quick manner during course closure.