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Winter Update February 2015

Well, we thought that we were in for a nice warm, calm winter...but Mother Nature changed that pretty quick in the month of February! We have received an incredible amount of snow this month, making outside work rather difficult, never mind that the temperatures have hovered around -20!
In late December our drainage contractors completed the work on #5, #7 and the Practice Range. All of the drainage systems were installed with only a minor amount of sodding and cleanup left to be done this spring. The majority of our tree work (removals, pruning and transplants) were completed before the weather turned. We do anticipate being able to get back out to do some more tree work prior to spring.
A few of our members have been asking about the condition of our greens this winter. In the aftermath of the spring of 2014 the concern is higher than usual. We are relatively happy about what we have out there right now. There is a very minimal layer of very "airy" ice on some greens. This…