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Ready for the Winter...

We have battled with Mother Nature all season, or at least it seems that way! Just one week after the golf course officially closed we were buried in snow. We were fortunate to have a good week of weather prior to the storm to get our winter preparations accomplished.
The following is a list of preparation tasks completed:
Greens and approaches were Deep Tine aerified.
Topdressing was completed on greens, tees and approaches.
Snow Mold preventative fungicides were accurately applied to greens, tees and fairways.
Greens were covered with our permeable winter covers as well, prior to the storm.
As I have stated in the past, a good winter preparation program is key to a good start to the next season, with the exception of some fertilizer application in our rough areas under the trees, our plan was completed.
This week brings a bit of a warm up, so to prevent any ice build up on our greens we are creating drainage channels in the snow to allow melting and excess water to run off.