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Golf Course Update

It has been over a month since my last post...and it has been a busy one! The warm fall season has provided some great weather for playing golf and also for maintaining the golf course. Above seasonal temps and timely rains have kept us hopping with just simply mowing the golf course. Leaf drop has started slowly but surely and we are now in full swing of our blowing and mulching ritual.
Cultural work has progressed very well in conjunction with the warmer temperatures. Every area of the golf course has been aerified with the exception of the rough which we will attempt if the weather continues to cooperate.
Core aeration was completed during the course closure last week and we are very happy with the results, as this was our first time performing this integral practice this late in the season. Once the cores were cleaned from the surface, the greens were topdressed to fill in the holes . We will be continuing to topdress until all imperfections are eliminated. Next up for the…