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Venting greens...

With the rain that we are experiencing today, combined with the high temperatures that are in the forecast, we will be going out on Monday morning and venting our greens. Again, this is a very non-disruptive task. To our greens the benefits are huge by supplying oxygen to the root zone..and still virtually unnoticeable when putting...a win/win in my mind...

Fairway Verticutting to begin...

On Tuesday we will be beginning the process of fairway verticutting and clean up. The process is as follows:
1. The fairway is deep verticut with our Sissis verticutter.
2. All of the grass and thatch are then blown to the middle into piles.
3. We then pick up all of the debris and load it into carts, trailers and trucksters to be hauled away.
4. The fairway will then be mowed to clean up any remaining debris.
This cultural practice helps to control the accumulation of thatch in our fairways and approaches. Thatch can limit the turfgrass' ability to utilize vital nutrients and water.
As always we will do our best as to not disrupt play, but your patience during this process is always appreciated.