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Cultural Activities...

We finally seem to be getting back on track with the condition of the golf course. We have been able to consistently mow all areas for a couple of weeks now. Summer condition and consistency is more apparent every day.
Now that we are caught up with mowing, we will begin some cultural practices that have been previously postponed due to wet weather. Tonight (Sunday@ 5pm) we will be lightly topdressing our greens. They will then be brushed and irrigated to work the sand into the canopy. This will help to keep the greens smooth and firm.
On Monday we will be deep verticutting our tees. This process looks rather messy but cleans up very quickly with some of blowing.
On Tuesday we will be topdressing and sold tining the tees. Again, this is not very disruptive to play.
As always, our staff works diligently to complete these tasks efficiently and effectively while keeping the disruption to a minimum.